Purple Pickled Eggs


I love eggs. Remember how Gaston inhaled them in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? He might be my spirit animal. That or a snake. Snakes like eggs, too. But, you want to know what else I love? Pickles. Now put them together and we’ve got pickled eggs. I die.

I first encountered this amazing treat while visiting The Man’s family a couple Christmases, ago. There it was, just sitting in the corner, a giant container of eggs floating about in a mysterious purple liquid. No one seemed to be paying it much attention, but I was curious obsessed. What was this? Why was it purple? Why wasn’t everyone fighting to the death when there were clearly eggs in the room? Continue reading


Put an egg on it, show him what you’re workin’ with

I knew The Man had a lunch date at noon, but that didn’t stop me from making him a brunch-worthy meal at 11:15 this morning. How did I lure him in? With a simple question: would you like an egg? He made the mistake thinking that meant a scrambled egg or two, or maybe something hard boiled and portable. Hah! In his dreams. Cue polenta, mushrooms, and a delicious runny egg.

Throw an egg on it.

Throw an egg on it.

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