Purple Pickled Eggs


I love eggs. Remember how Gaston inhaled them in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? He might be my spirit animal. That or a snake. Snakes like eggs, too. But, you want to know what else I love? Pickles. Now put them together and we’ve got pickled eggs. I die.

I first encountered this amazing treat while visiting The Man’s family a couple Christmases, ago. There it was, just sitting in the corner, a giant container of eggs floating about in a mysterious purple liquid. No one seemed to be paying it much attention, but I was curious obsessed. What was this? Why was it purple? Why wasn’t everyone fighting to the death when there were clearly eggs in the room? Continue reading


Demystified: Bibimbap Recipe

bibimbap in a bowl

You love bibimbap. I love bibimbap. We all do. It’s spicy, salty, tangy heaven in a bowl. My mom made it for us growing up, but I never really learned to appreciate it until I was an adult and started buying my own groceries. I hate throwing food away; it makes me feel like a total failure. “I couldn’t even eat the food I bought, and now I have to buy more?” Ugh. I’m getting anxious just thinking about it. But, then I started making bibimbap as a way to use up those veggies, and it is a blessing, folks. Continue reading

Put an egg on it, show him what you’re workin’ with

I knew The Man had a lunch date at noon, but that didn’t stop me from making him a brunch-worthy meal at 11:15 this morning. How did I lure him in? With a simple question: would you like an egg? He made the mistake thinking that meant a scrambled egg or two, or maybe something hard boiled and portable. Hah! In his dreams. Cue polenta, mushrooms, and a delicious runny egg.

Throw an egg on it.

Throw an egg on it.

Continue reading