Demystified: Bibimbap Recipe

bibimbap in a bowl

You love bibimbap. I love bibimbap. We all do. It’s spicy, salty, tangy heaven in a bowl. My mom made it for us growing up, but I never really learned to appreciate it until I was an adult and started buying my own groceries. I hate throwing food away; it makes me feel like a total failure. “I couldn’t even eat the food I bought, and now I have to buy more?” Ugh. I’m getting anxious just thinking about it. But, then I started making bibimbap as a way to use up those veggies, and it is a blessing, folks. Continue reading


Returning to the Farm

tractor harvesting crops

Two years ago, I moved from San Francisco — a city I love, a city overflowing with quirky entertainment and constant distractions — to a city across the bay for land. Not for a bigger house, or a garage space, but for land, pure and simple. I had this deeply-rooted desire to grow my own herbs, tomatoes, heck, maybe my own beans. The possibilities seemed endless when we signed that lease. I’ve since discovered that I may not have the greenest thumb, but you know what they say, where there’s a will… Continue reading

Baked Sriracha Hot Wings

sriracha hot wings

Step away from the deep fryer. If I can do it, you can, too.

You may have noticed a small sporting event taking place yesterday. I’m not a big fan of football, but I’ll take any excuse to make glamorized junk food. Last year, The Man and I decided we would actually sit down and watch the Super Bowl together, and to him that required fried chicken from a fast food joint. I know what you’re thinking, I know that you’re judging, and, you know what? I’m judging, too. The worst part is that it’s totally a thing in his mind, now. All televised sporting events must include chicken — delicious, fried chicken. Continue reading

Salmon, salmon everywhere

A good friend of mine works for a seafood supplier, and every time I cook seafood he asks me what I paid for it. He’s always telling me that he can get me fantastic deals if I just buy from him, but for some super foolish reason, I had never taken him up on it… until now.

While in NJ visiting my fiance’s family, I received a text from my pal that simply read, “7 lbs of salmon. $7.” Let that sink in for a second. That’s a dollar a pound! And this is restaurant quality fish, my friends! I wasn’t going to be back for a few days, so I told him to toss it in the freezer until I could get back to deal with my prize. I immediately started fantasizing about all the things I would do with this fish. I could have never imagined what I would come home to. My friend came over the day after I returned with a huge Styrofoam, um, casket. There I was frantically rearranging frozen goods so that I could insert a giant slab of fish that spanned the length of the freezer. That was the easy part. The next day I thought I would break it into nice 6 oz portions. Hah. No way. That was NOT going to happen. I took a serrated blade to it and was lucky to hack it in half. I threw the tail end back in the freezer and deboned and scaled the other half (no easy task) before putting it in the fridge to thaw. Not really sure what I wanted to do with it, I decided to just bake the whole thing, and then figure out how to use the cooked salmon throughout the week.*

The first night we had perfectly moist salmon fillets. Easy peasy. Now it was going to get tricky. What do you do with cooked fish? How do you avoid drying it out? I’ll tell you: salmon cakes and salmon chowder. Boom. Problem solved. I can eat salmon (crab, fish, whatever) cakes for days, and the weather is just crisp enough that chowder is still a welcome addition to our meal rotation. The fiance is happy, I’m happy, and this salmon is finally disappearing. Life is good.

salmon cakes on lettuce

Salmon cakes with Sriracha cream. I could eat this everyday.

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Spicy Tuna Brown Rice Bowls

Let me tell you about this crazy craving I get once in awhile. When I lived in Korea, I used to eat these triangle rice wraps when I was pressed on time and starving. I always thought of them as Korean sandwiches. You could get them filled with all sorts of things: spicy pork belly, kimchi, spam, and even good ol’ fashioned American tuna salad — with mayo and everything. My favorite, though, was the one filled with spicy canned tuna. Oh my goodness.

There was something about the tuna, rice, spice combo (even with the mayo) that just made me crazy. It’s the easiest thing in the world to make, too. But I decided to take it a step further — or backwards — and just throw it into a rice bowl because I’m lazy instead of performing food origami. I threw together a tuna, Sriracha, mayo concoction, tossed it atop brown rice, added some sliced avocado, strips of roasted seaweed, and shredded kale. Voila! Feeling fancy? It would be amazing with raw tuna, too. Speaking of which, I’m feeling long overdue for some poke… 

canned spicy tuna brown rice bowl

Quick, filling, and nutritious-ish.

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