Homemade Hamburger Buns, Pulled Pork, and Spiced Pickled Onions

Pulled Pork Pickled Onions Homemade Hamburger Bun

I’m planning our wedding menu, and since we’re going to be in my hometown in North Carolina, I wanted it to follow a Southern theme. I got so excited when I saw the caterer’s suggestions (chicken and waffle bites!), that I had to stop everything and make pulled pork sandwiches for dinner. I didn’t even make a side. Just one giant pulled pork sandwich to sate this GRIT’s craving.

YA’LL. This might have taken all day, but it really didn’t take much effort. I’m going to share my dinner and today’s lunch with you. That’s right. I’m eating it again, and I plan to eat it for dinner, too. It’s that stinkin’ good!

I pulled a few recipes from a couple different sites and I’m just going to link you over to them, but I’ll mention any changes I made. This succulent pulled pork topped with delightfully spiced pickled onions is the perfect complement to these homemade hamburger buns. And the buns were heavenly. Soft and airy, but with enough integrity to hold together under sauced pulled pork. Oh, my goodness. I can’t get enough. I have to share!

Dutch Oven Pulled Pork from The Kitchn

So, I didn’t add any of those vegetables, and my seasonings included a little cumin, a bay leaf, and salt and pepper. I used cola as my liquid and sprinkled some brown sugar on top. I also turned down the heat to 275 degrees and kept an eye on it. Full-disclosure: I let the liquid cook down too much and it burnt up a mess in my pot, but the meat was still tender, fell apart easily, and I love bark, anyway. Plus, baking soda made cleanup a breeze.

Brett Schreyer’s Competition Pulled Pork Sauce from SAVEUR

Ok, real talk: I used this sauce for the pork, and while it was good, I think there’s a better one out there. I’ll continue the hunt, but am confident this will meet your pulled pork BBQ sauce needs… for now.

Pickled Red Onions from Bon Appetit

The cinnamon is where it’s at! These pickled red onions are nicely balanced and not at all too tart. So good. I want to throw them on everything. They seriously made this dish. I changed nothing from the original recipe.

Homemade Hamburger Buns from The Kitchn (again)

These are practically effortless if you have a mixer, but you can still make them by hand. (Thank you, future MIL for the Kitchen Aid!) Sure, you actually have to make bread, but they are so worth it. Also, bonus: you can freeze the dough for future use. You may never buy hamburger buns, again. The only thing I changed was that I used greek yogurt instead of milk, and that was because I was out of it. I took about a 1/2 cup of greek yogurt and watered it down until it was close to the consistency of whole fat milk and used 1/2 cup of that in lieu of the milk. I also threw in about a tablespoon of butter, just in case. They turned out perfectly! Please try them and tell me what ya’ll think.

homemade hamburger bun

Do you have a favorite BBQ sauce recipe you’d like to share? I’m dying to find a good one. And there’s no need to start a BBQ war. Tomato-based or straight vinegar, it’s all good to me!


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