Decorative Gourd Season

It’s fall. How do I know? Because, everywhere I look it’s pumpkin this, butternut squash that. A friend of mine sent me a photo the other day from a Trader Joe’s in LA demonstrating just how out of control the commercialization of fall has gotten.

Trader Joe's Fall    Trader Joes Fall

Don’t believe autumnal hype is reaching catastrophic proportions?  I’ve got three words for you: pumpkin dog treats. Yep. Pumpkinpocalypse is upon us. Truth be told, while I have a lot of fun poking fun at the gourd-obsessed, I’m really making fun of myself. Today, I purchased a perfect lil’ sugar pumpkin and spent the better half of the day consuming it. I made a delicious seafood, pumpkin curry; roasted the seeds for a snack; simmered the pulp and skin for broth; and even took a stab at making my own pumpkin spice syrup for my morning coffee (suck on that, Starbucks). By the way, peeling a raw pumpkin is no joke. I honestly can’t believe I survived it. Let me know if you want to see the recipe for the curry (or syrup, or anything else for that matter) — I’ll happily post it!

The best damn pumpkin curry in the universe.

The best damn pumpkin curry in the universe.


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